Interesting... Intakt have a Jakob Bro-like record. How come?

Well it is by a guy called Dave Gisler, the Bro; for Thomas Morgan read Raffaele Bossard; Jon Christensen? Lionel Friedli.

The little I have heard so far is quite delicious of their debuting on Rabbits on the Run. Disclaimer: it goes its own way after a while and unlike Bro and co while basically open eared new Cool, thoughtful, glacial, featuring the ache of drums and all the time in the world, the twist is the three can turn on a sixpence into a storm of stark anarchy and add a layer of intensity that makes it stand out from the crowd. 

John Updike who knew a thing or two about a rabbit who runs, um a human called Rabbit, stick with me, said: “What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.” Updike also wrote in Rabbit at Rest: “In a way, gluttony is an athletic feat, a stretching exercise.” So let’s not rabbit on, there is gluttonous listening to be done.

More seriously these relative unknowns are worth knowing far more about.