Click on the video above for ‘Stillness,’ representing the third track of Parallax, new from Phronesis in April, the most acclaimed British jazz scene rooted forward-thinking original instrumental jazz act export in many years.

Led by the much loved and admired Danish bassist Jasper Høiby, whose composition this is, with London-based Ivo Neame, originally from Kent, on piano, and the Norway born Swede Anton Eger, drums, the band has built on the inspiration of bassist Avishai Cohen and the New Melodic strand of jazz that values both melody and crucially intense, emotionally involving improvisation structured around an open musical architecture that converts groove into flow via performance reflex and group empathy and conjures a unique sound that places them state of the art in terms of the trio that no other band has achieved in Europe since EST.

Their new album is the latest in an already extensive discography over the last nine years (some of the six albums don’t have the current settled line-up although Høiby is of course on all of them). It arrives not long after the in-the-round live album Life to Everything (2014) and was recorded at Abbey Road, one of the world’s most revered recording studio complexes that is synonymous of course with The Beatles. Parallax is easily one of the stand-out jazz releases of the spring a filip for the UK jazz scene whose morale is already high with Empirical on such good form lately. SG