It’s one of the most challenging long-form pieces associated with late-period John Coltrane, rarely attempted by a contemporary jazz artist.

But now 'Kulu Sé Mama', actually written by percussionist/vocalist Juno Lewis, in a version just shy of 20 minutes, is set for an autumn release.

Voodoo Sense, to be released by ACT records, was recorded in Morocco, and features veteran German avant garde pianist Kühn's so-called "Wüstenjazz trio".

It resumes the 69-year-old’s partnership with New Thing saxophone legend Archie Shepp. The pair released their earlier free-blues paean to female singers Wo!man two years ago.

This time the Kühn trio, with the Moroccan Majid Bekkas mainly on the guembri bass instrument and vocals, and Spanish drummer Ramón López, plus guest African percussionists, including talking drummer Kouassi Bessan Joseph, journey to the outer edges of Afro-centric free-jazz in an album filled with Kühn compositions, along with contributions from Joseph. The album is set for a 16 September release.
Photo: Silvio Alexandre / ACT  

Joachim Kühn left and Archie Shepp taking on the 'Kulu Sé Mama' challenge