“It was both an honour and a thrill to take flight with these wonderful pieces of music written by the great Kenny Wheeler. Having been one of the lucky ones who studied and spent time with him, I feel blessed to have had this little moment to record these pieces in honor of his lengthy legacy.

“Together with my fabulous collaborator Steve Treseler, I’m elated to have been given this window in time to pay homage to the gentle, yet fierce genius of such a legendary master.

“After decades of listening to, studying and playing Kenny’s music, I still feel like a beginner in relation to my comprehension of how far-reaching his musical spirit truly goes. It is an endless and timeless legacy, and worthy of intense study by any aspiring musician in search of a creative mentor,” says Ingrid Jensen.

Invisible Sounds: For Kenny Wheeler (Whirlwind) will be released in late-October.