With the Bill Evans and Jim Hall albums Undercurrent and Intermodulation firmly in the mind’s eye and the broader more expansive world of Evansiana hoving into view, pianist Bruno Heinen (best known for his interpretation of Tierkreis and more recently on Emily Saunders’ Outsiders Insiders) and guitarist Kristian Borring (l-r pictured above) on their Babel album Postcard to Bill Evans musically colour code immaculately blue in green as they journey deep into the inspirational world of the pianist-composer.

Taking the path less travelled in terms of repertoire the album is to be released 35 years after Evans died.

Paramount on the project is the persona of this poet of the piano who has proved an inspiration to a wealth of musical artistry since from Brad Mehldau through the lyricism of Esbjörn Svensson to the late John Taylor.

Tracks include ‘Time Remembered’, featured on the 1960s Evans trio recording of the same name that took 20 years to see the light of day, and ‘Peri’s Scope’ from Portrait in Jazz recorded only a short time after Kind of Blue the presence and input of Evans on which became a huge turning point in the pianist’s career. Postcard is streaming now on Bandcamp with a CD release slotted in for September.