Pop-jazz singer Melody Gardot has a new album coming up, Currency of Man, it has just been announced.

Produced by Larry Klein (famed for his work with Joni Mitchell and Herbie Hancock) and who produced Gardot’s big-selling My One and Only Thrill six years ago, this new album is to be released through Decca in the UK/Ireland on a number of formats with a release in early-June.

Tracks on the expanded Artist’s Cut CD edition are: Don’t Misunderstand, Don’t Talk, It Gonna Come, Bad News, She Don’t Know, Palmas da Rua: Interlude, Same To You, No Man’s Prize, March For Mingus: Interlude, Preacherman, Morning Sun, If Ever I Recall Your Face, Once I Was Loved, After the Rain, and Burying My Troubles

Same to You from the album is above