The Gefion trio of Jacob Bro, Thomas Morgan, and Jon Christensen; the Mathias Eick quintet; Giovanni Guidi trio and Andy Sheppard quartet are to appear at this year’s Jazzahead! as part of an ECM club night quadruple bill performing at the European jazz industry expo that takes place in the German city of Bremen. 

Bro’s albums to date include the sublime December Song from 2013 Gefion amounting to his first album as a leader for ECM the 36-year-old guitarist joined by the Belonging Band’s Jon Christensen and David Virelles bassist Thomas Morgan. Gefion is released on 9 February featuring tracks ‘Gefion’, ‘Copenhagen’, ‘And They All Came Marching Out of the Woods,’  ‘White’, ‘Lyskaster’, ‘Airport Poem’, ‘Oktober,’ and ‘Ending.’ The ECM night at Jazz Ahead is on 25 April.
Jon Christensen (above left), Thomas Morgan, Jakob Bro Photo Ryo Mitamura /ECM