Jasper Høiby from Phronesis and Chris Illingworth of GoGo Penguin tonight on Jazz on 3 explore just what the New Melodic means to them.

A music where melody within improvisational flow counts, the New Melodic takes as one of its starting points the melodic innovations of Swedish piano trio EST with one ear for the historic jazz past (from Monk to Mehldau), and one for styles way beyond jazz that can act as a powerful catalyst. In GoGo Penguin’s case that’s Massive Attack, Aphex Twin, and Underworld, and as the band’s pianist Chris Illingworth explains, they often feed in to the piano trio’s sound in what can further be described as a mesmerising effect. The programme also features music from the new Phronesis album Life to Everything.

Jazz on 3 tonight is presented by Kevin LeGendre, and produced by Somethin’ Else’s Chris Elcombe. There’s also a featured performance by the Nick Malcolm Quartet on the show, which begins at 11pm and can be listened to via the BBC iPlayer for a week. Trumpeter Malcolm was caught live for this broadcast by the show’s microphones leading his quartet at Dalston’s Vortex jazz club. Grounded in Milesian hard bop hard wired into 20th century chamber music Malcolm is with pianist Alexander Hawkins, bassist Olie Brice, and Michelson Morley’s Mark Whitlam. 

Chris Illingworth from GoGo Penguin in the clip above talks about how the 90s dance scene feeds into the trio's sound