Classic jazz singing in abundance on this tasteful new live album from London singer Georgia Mancio dotted with lots of pop and rock material and bookended by versions of Sting’s ‘Fragile’ and David Bowie’s ‘When I Live My Dream.’

Recorded between 2012 and 2014 during the eponymous ReVoice festival mostly performed at Pizza Express Jazz Club that Georgia has curated in recent years this is a pure-toned mainstream vocals and instrumental duos affair featuring a host of well known accompanists some in less familiar guise (Ian Shaw plays piano on possibly the most compelling track of all, a take on ‘When I Live My Dream.’)

Liane Carroll also displays her piano chops, and other leading UK jazz artists taking part include Jason Rebello, Robert Mitchell, Tom Cawley, Laurence Cottle and James Pearson. Bassist Andrew Cleyndert co-produces the album with Mancio.

A relaxed listen, maybe a little too comfortable in a few places if you’re being really picky, but nonetheless Mancio is a capable guide through the intricacies of vocal improvisation and vocalese as she puts her stamp on the material that effortlessly slides through classic popular material to standards and to new songs Mancio has co-written.

Georgia Mancio above with Liane Carroll (photo: Dave Ohm). Released on 26 November. The album is launched at Pizza Express on 16 November during the London Jazz Festival