Look for the tremendously arranged Assembly of Shadows (SoundSpore) that while possessive of plenty of beef... is ripe to quite easily veg out to in a fortnight: listen to a few tracks to think about snapping this sleek new arrival up when the time is right. If you dig the Maria Schneider soundsphere and want a fresh take on a larger ensemble sound suffused with a Copland-esque/Milhaud facility and loose command of an ingeniously blended range of jazz idioms then leap to listen. Saxophonist-composer Remy Le Boeuf is not a newcomer although he is not well known beyond the top US talent spotter cognoscenti and yet is not exactly a veteran either. ‘Strata’ is an original and ‘Honeymooners’ is by Ornette Coleman, note the Coltrane changes at the beginning. Hugely stimulating, augurs supremely well. Discover these sounds alive with life and ideas, today.