Corey Mwamba and Soweto Kinch at the launch of the 2019 EFG London Jazz Festival at the May Fair Hotel in the Crystal Room

Corey Mwamba, above left and Soweto Kinch. Derby vibist Mwamba is the new presenter of BBC Radio 3 Saturday show Freeness that launches at midnight on Saturday 2 November pictured above at the launch of the EFG London Jazz Festival that Kinch, the outgoing lead presenter of Monday night show Jazz Now, hosted. 

The new Radio 3 jazz show to begin on Saturday 2 November at midnight is Freeness. The presenter is the Derby vibist and composer Corey Mwamba. The executive producer of the new hour-long show concentrates on free jazz, in the improv sense not only but also its corollaries in electronica, folk, etc, Joby Waldman explained the vision of the show to marlbank. The show “celebrates improvised music in all its forms,” he says.

The show will concentrate on CD (recorded artefact) play and will also include “guests invited in from the community”. It won’t however involve live recording in the outside broadcast sense but will sometimes play, as Waldman, also a director of Reduced Listening who will produce the weekly programme elaborates, live recordings. Producers working on the show he reveals are another former Somethin’ Else alumnus and producer at Jazz on 3 Chris Elcombe. Rebecca Gaskell (known for her work on Late Junction) is at the helm.

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