First listens to Loredana by Emilia Mårtensson which will be released in November elicit these impressions. It is beautiful. Most of the songs are very, very good. The title track has an Enya-like quality while ‘Aino’ has a gorgeous guitar introduction and Emilia’s voice here is coaxing and exudes charm. ‘One more for Ana’ is best of all I think because there is a waltzing, dancing, quality to it. Loredana features guitarist Luca Boscagin, percussionist Adriano Adewale, trumpeter Fulvio Sigurta and bassist Sam Lasserson.

The album, to be released on the Babel label, “explores the adversity and the wilderness of the term mother, celebrating the infinite observations about the ‘mother – child relationship’, and how this can shape us throughout our lives.” 

The songs operate on several levels further listens confirm and deliver more and more each time. Enjoy the melodies, think about the words, listen to the very soft and subtle instrumental accompaniment. ‘Shine a light on’ asks important questions and shows its humanity. Indeed this album is very humane and poetic, and succeeds completely for these reasons and many others. SG