Anna Webber? Simple back in 2014 was our introduction to the avant saxophonist/flautist and her fractured, interlocking Anthony Braxton-like saxophone lines impressed at the time.

It was certainly music infused with a strong uncompromisingly rugged improvising ethic that was the complete opposite of “simple.”

That positive characteristic remains the same and is enhanced if anything on Clockwise which gets a release next month on the Pi label. 

A couple of tracks have been made available ahead of release.

With Webber are reedist Jeremy Viner; trombonist Jacob Garchik; cellist Christopher Hoffman; pianist Matt Mitchell; bassist Chris Tordini; and drummer/vibist Ches Smith. If you are into the Claudia Quintet you will probably like this a good deal. Lots of sinuous interplay, great sense of syncopation, and a collision between freer forms of abstract jazz and the discipline of contemporary classical music, provide the canvas the ensemble spreads itself liberally over.