Joey DeFrancesco

Hard on the heels of a high profile 2018 gigging and recording with Van Morrison, Joey DeFrancesco hooks up with another legend Pharoah Sanders on his upcoming album In the Key of the Universe to be released in March.

Selections on the new record include ‘The Creator Has A Master Plan’ and DeFrancesco also has ex-Pharoah Karma drummer Billy Hart on the record.

Quoted by issuing label Mack Avenue DeFrancesco says: “I pride myself on being a musical chameleon. There’s so much good music that it’s hard to stay in one place, at least for me. I love being able to go in any direction, and lately that’s sent my music in a more free jazz direction – but still with a groove. Pharoah is one of the go-to guys when it comes to that spiritual aspect of the music. A lot of people do that kind of thing, but I like to go directly to the source, and he really is the source.

“As soon as Pharoah picked up his horn and started playing that melody, my hair just stood straight up. Then Billy started doing his thing with the mallets, wide open and free. Once it gets going it’s so hard to stop; you could listen to that vibe forever. It was almost an unexplainable feeling – absolutely a downright spiritual experience.

“The direction in which my life is going always affects what I’m doing musically. As I grow older, I find myself attracted to a more spiritual vibe. It’s always been that way, to some extent – especially playing music and going into the zone, which has to do with being in touch with the universe. It’s not about religion, it’s just a spiritual vibe that respects everything, in music and in life.”

Joey DeFrancesco, top. Photo: Wikipedia