Lage trio

Keith Jarrett’s rapidfire composition ‘The Wind Up’ seems to be flavour of the month. Not only is Branford Marsalis covering the instrumental that twists and turns in band interplay as reported here on his upcoming The Secret Between the Shadow and the Soul but the Jarrett tune which appeared on the classic 1974 album Belonging crops up too on a new trio album by wildly popular and pretty prolific jazz guitarist Julian Lage.   

Love Hurts will be released in February on the Mack Avenue label. Lage says: “The connection we were trying to draw was between this effusive era of Keith Jarrett’s music and all the tributaries that go away from or lead to it.” Dave King of The Bad Plus and bassist Jorge Roeder complete his trio. Love Hurts tracks include the Boudleaux Bryant title track recorded by the Everly Brothers and also known in a famous version by Roy Orbison, the big O, dating back to the beginning of the 1960s. Full track listing is: 1. In Heaven 2. Tomorrow Is The Question 3. The Wind Up 4. Love Hurts 5. In Circles 6. Encore (A) 7. Lullaby 8. Trudgin' 9. I’m Getting Sentimental Over You, and, 10. Crying (while a Don McLean song, another Orbison connection).

Dave King, above left, Julian Lage, and Jorge Roeder. Photo: Nathan West/Mack Avenue