The 2015 jazz act MOBO-winning saxophone/drums duo unveiled new music at this Tina Edwards Presents studio theatre gig in Victoria, joined in their second set by tabla player Sarathy Korwar.

In the first Binker Golding and Moses Boyd built an absorbing dialogue, the swirling circle of sound landing complete and centred, an exploration in progress that took its time to hit home. Even more advanced than before on Dem Ones the new compositions show how fertile the pair’s musical imagination is and how the deep research of their musical explorations has borne fruit, to be further continued on a new album in the planning stage for their label Gearbox it’s understood.

The addition of Korwar with his Zakir Hussain-like precision, the roundness of the resonance achieved a match to the firing Coltranian message music, Golding’s saxophone technique (tenor in the first half, soprano and tenor in the second) both stunning and natural. By the time the set rose to a graceful climax a whole new musical world had opened up building on their achievements to date.

Along Palace Street as night falls before the gig, top. Moses Boyd in the middle pic on the left in performance with Sarathy Korwar and Binker Golding; and the Dem Ones duo with Tina Edwards who hosted the gig, above.

Pics and story: marlbank