Meilana Gillard has a new record out this month, Dream Within a Dream, ‘Revolving Doors’ extracted from the album, is above. 

The saxophonist first emerged to debut on Greg Osby’s label, and later moved from the US to live on the European side of the Atlantic, choosing to base herself right at the heart of the re-energised Belfast jazz scene.

At the first running of the Brilliant Corners festival in 2013 she certainly made an impact, exuding plenty of personality and style centred on a Joe Henderson-like sound below deck of a converted merchant vessel that once was the good ship Confiance.

That night she floated the audience’s boat, at least going by the audible murmurs of recognition, for her rendition of Herman Hupfeld’s instantly familiar ‘As Time Goes By,’ which makes the cut on the studio album recorded in a residential studio in county Westmeath and which is to be released by Lyte Records in late-May.