It's a late-March release for the latest album Waxx Up (Anteprima) from Eric Legnini. Pop, but not as you know it, electricity grid-heavy soul, yes all there darkly on display the Belgian pianist basically a free bop player always hard to pigeon hole. Factor in the presence of singer Yaël Naïm who certainly blew this tiny piece of cyberspace away at a support slot back in 2015 at the Barbican warming the stage for Fatou&Fonseca. The French-Israeli's song ‘Coward’ that night simply shone, a cult classic in the making at least for any passing Brad Mehldau fans and the Lana del Rey-marinated ‘Despair’ compares well.
• Coming up for Legnini: the Ronnie’s soul+jazz star Natalie Williams is touring with the Belgian one in April-May, dates