A feeling of darkening suspense hovers over The Beauty of Disaster. By multi-instrumentalist J. Peter Schwalm and released next month, viola enhances the mood of opener ‘The Anxt Code.’ 

Ethics guitarist Eivind Aarset appears on later track ‘Himmelfahrt.’ The Norwegian is also in Schwalm’s band Endknall. Spin Marvel duo Martin France and bass guitarist Tim Harries also crop up on the RareNoise Records release among the personnel. Periodically coated in the crackle of electronics, volume levels ramp up the intensity level in small increments that rise to a delayed biting point. There are no vocals. Erstwhile em pianist Michael Wollny guests on pump organ on a single track half way through. German composer Schwalm above [photo: Wikipedia], among other collaborations with Brian Eno, composed music for the film Fear X.