JD Allen is one of the tenor saxophonists closest to the spirit of John Coltrane playing today. There's something about the Detroit-born 41-year-old that if you're familiar with trumpeter Jeremy Pelt's erstwhile quintet Allen was a member of, or Allen's own records particularly the moving I Am I Am you'll never forget: it's that poise, tone, ability to speak to you beyond technique that despite the difference in timbre and method remind you of the totemic presence of Coltrane somehow. Allen's last record as a leader was Grace and you may have also picked up on him on Jaimeo Brown's groundbreaking 2013 record Transcendence. Here's a track, the final track, from JD's new album already out in the States to be released on Savant through Harmonia Mundi on 2 June in the UK. Called Bloom it's a quartet affair Allen joined by pianist Orrin Evans, double bassist Alexander Claffy, and drummer Jonathan Barber. Tunes besides Car-Car (The Blues) above are: Jack’s Glass, Bloom, The Secret Lives of Guest Workers, The Dreamer, A Throng of Millions Can be One, If You Could See Me Now, Stardust, The Rule of Thirds, and Pater Noster.