Jazz may just have rediscovered its funny bone. Or you might just think it’s simply a joke.

Here’s the latest video from the force behind Twist is the New Twerk (it takes a certain type of genius to come up with this title) selling like hot cakes recently on iTunes.

Postmodern Jukebox’s latest video may even have found a new comedic role for smooth jazz pope Dave Koz (it takes a certain type of genius to do this, too).

Ragtime pianist Scott Bradlee, the Jukebox leader, says on his website “I have long had a love/hate relationship with pop music. Growing up as an aspiring jazz pianist, I wasn’t interested in listening to anything that might appeal to those that I deemed to possess a less than refined palette of musical taste. This wilful ignorance continued for some time; it was not until I began making YouTube videos (and subsequently receiving requests for modern pop songs) that I decided to drop my preconceived notions and examine contemporary pop with an open mind.”

He's turned playing devil's advocate into a mini art-form here.