The Good Noise 24 October 2019 The Lough Inn

A word on the band who are playing together for the first time – the Kenny Burrell-loving Cris Gill is best known for his work with Rico Rodriguez in Rico & His Band (Rico very famously was on ‘A Message to You Rudy’ in The Specials), Roni McManus is a fine bassist and vocalist who leads, playing bass guitar, Sidewalk Boogie, the popular Chicago blues loving four-piece and in The Good Noise will play double bass alongside fellow Boogie guitarist Gill; plus there is Caolán Hutchinson who surfaced as part of The Jazz Hole scene in Omagh and who has jammed at Arthur’s in Dublin with the Irish jazz great Ronan Guilfoyle and is a very bright piano talent; and James Anderson from Belfast is the latest in a line of great drummers from the city and beyond further into Antrim and Down (“Dakiz” Davis, Darren Beckett, David Lyttle, Peter McKinney) to emerge, and on the BBC radar a few years ago recording at the high profile Music Day Blackstaff Sessions. The gig marks a crisp new Sugar Projects originated marlbank look and 6 years of the blog – into the music.