Ron Carter album cover

Recorded at Fasching in Stockholm 11 months ago with the same personnel as seen on YouTube in Vienna, Ron Carter, his place in jazz history secure for many reasons but especially from his tenure in the Second Great Miles Davis Quintet (1964-1968), the baton passed on to him in many ways by Ray Brown, leading his quartet that features fine pianist Renee Rosnes, the ex-Horace Silver tenor saxophonist Jimmy Greene and choice drummer Payton Crossley on Foursight – Stockholm Volume 1 just released by Frank Kleinschmidt’s In + Out Records. 

Tracks are 1. Cominando (07:39) 2. Joshua (08:51) 3. Little Waltz (07:04) 4. Seguaro (10:35) 5. Cominando, Reprise (02:00) 6. Nearly (13:10) 7. You And The Night And The Music (7:57). Three years ago the Guinness World Records put out a press release entitled “Ron Carter earns world record as the most recorded jazz bassist in history” with 2,221 recordings to his name at the time of publication. Add quite a few since and as ever in addition to quantity crucially unrivalled quality – in the same breath.