Blicher Hemmer Gadd

Tickets for Blicher-Hemmer-Gadd who appear at the Lost Lane in Dublin on 6 November go on sale tomorrow morning at 9am. Promoted by Dublin Jazz existing subscribers to their mailing list can avail of a promotional code to get a ticket today. Demand should be brisk.

Cast your minds back to 2014 and the trio’s self-titled C-Nut release. Certainly a feelgood surprise and of course a must for Gadd fans of whom there are more than one or two – the drum titan doing what he does best: effortlessly groove until the cows come home and here playing with two likely lads: Danes saxist/flautist Michael Blicher and Hammond organist Dan Hemmer – who more than cut the mustard. 

Mostly Blicher’s music, with 1920s tune ‘In a Little Spanish Town’ and Yusef Lateef’s ‘Like It Is’ closing the album the whole shebang opened gently with ‘Well I’m Not Really Much of a Dancer,’ Blicher bluesy and nicely shrill, Gadd holding back. On the record ‘Babylon’ upped the excitement factor, Gadd’s offbeats and use of cowbell just great. It was a very listenable lively runaround of a record most of which you’d want to put on in the kitchen at a party. The live experience much road hardened since will be a revelation. 

As for Gadd let us just sit back, close the old peepers, and listen to Steely Dan’s Aja (1977) and the title track especially because it would be remiss of any self respecting music lover not to regularly and to the epic era defining duo with Wayne Shorter that begins around 4 mins and 42 secs in but listen from the first downbeat way back at the start if you have a few more minutes for the big picture. Dan Hemmer, top left, Michael Blicher, and Steve Gadd. Photo: Bente Jaeger. That link again, to book in for Blicher-Hemmer-Gadd from tomorrow even if without a code, is here.   

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