So fine. Now playing: the profoundly soulful, meaningfully conveyed, sound of Leon Bridges. Has “hit” written all over it. More Otis than before (when Bridges for instance made an impact four years ago with the Sam Cooke-ian title track of ‘Coming Home’), I love the line “I take it day by day by day” that could be extended live adding “day” several more times in the sort of spontaneous manner that is loose and musically interesting to come up with variety. Also, the guitar accompaniment is quite superb and strings so unobtrusive in the mix that you hardly notice them, which is good, but they do add something to the song: A nice arrangement, in other words. The lyrics are thought-provoking and send an unpreachy message about humility and not knowing all the answers. The almost hidden away “today is going to be different” line is practically spoken or intimates this possibility while still sung, and makes the song ultimately direct and positive. SG