Interesting and cheering to see this pop up as a bestseller on Bandcamp at the moment. Why so? Well Price is not part of the currently much hyped group of UK bands, usually released by either the Jazz Re:freshed or Brownswood labels, to get a rush of hype behind him. And another thing, the style is pretty mainstream to an extent which rarely gets, rather unfairly, any hype at all. Nobody is going to be going around claiming like the wheel has been reinvented after all. Guitarist Price has a pristine highly mobile sound and close your eyes and he could be playing on a 1960s record, his sound landing a little between Kenny Burrell and Grant Green. With Matt Home on drums, the popular Hammond organist Ross Stanley, and hard blowing tenor saxophonist Vasilis Xenopoulos all playing as a supportive team, the impressive thing here is that this was made in front of a live audience, the band clearly are old fashioned in the sense that they can make it sound like the studio. Good meat and potatoes blowing jazz all in all and a bunch of tunes that know where the beginnings, middles and ends need to be.

Price is playing Annie’s in Southend on Tuesday 9 July.