Fans of free-jazz drum legend Andrew Cyrille have had plenty of late-career goodies in recent years to delve into, with last year’s Lebroba the pick

Cyrille’s work with Cecil Taylor secures his place in jazz history and somehow Uri Caine manages to make that connection with his resourcefully spiky bravura runs and elasticity in this superstar trio with Dave Douglas, one of today’s most acclaimed trumpeters. 

Douglas adds plenty of bluesy smears and dazzling runs that knit in perfectly with his trio partners. Devotion is quite an accessible release pivoting between handsome melodic ideas and rampaging freedom. There is a lot of economy in what the trio provide, stickling to mainly four- and five-minute length tunes that say so much in a relatively brief amount of time.

The tunes are by Dave Douglas and serve as dedications to musicians he admires such as Franco D’Andrea. The title track is a hymn by Alexander Johnson that dates back to the 19th century and draws the album strikingly to a close. SG