THE BUILD IS ON I guess we will be hearing more of Judi Jackson in 2019 with any luck. Before the new year dawns she is playing New Year's Eve at the Hampstead Jazz Club in leafy north London and while you can’t really place her voice, usually a good sign, it is true to say that she surrounds jazz, soul, and the gospelly blues in a big swoop, the way Amy Winehouse or Nina Simone did and there is plenty of feeling there in her very different quite vulnerable yet ultimately strong and by times tender voice rather than just a case of going through the motions.

From the US and now London-based she cropped up on Snarky Puppy album Family Dinner Volume 1 released five years ago and performs in Alex Webb’s Cafe Society classic jazz theatre shows. 


Signed to Lateralize, the co-owners of the Hampstead Jazz Club, the club owner Mayank Patel thrust her biggest statement to date her recent record Live in London into my more than receptive hands when marlbank dropped in to check out the club back in the autumn.

If you are in the north London area and want a “proper” jazz night out on the party night of the year look no further. Jackson might just restore your faith in stepping out to hear live music once again: Venue and details. SG