Playing Kraków’s Dali later the Alan Benzie trio are also heading soon during their latest tour in the direction of the Websters theatre located in the West End of Glasgow on 18 February and then to Arthur’s next day in the Liberties, Dublin.  Roam back to Traveller’s Tales by playing a few bars from that album first as it has been a while since we heard from them, to warm up to the sound of its successor. 

On Little Mysteries pianist-composer Benzie is again with double bassist Andrew Robb and drummer Marton Juhasz who recorded, returning, at the Castlesound studio in Pencaitland.  The trio can be heard, above, on the second of nine album originals, Benzie’s imagistic modern mainstream style wrapped up in rhapsody is now if anything even more engrossing and involving – the nuances of it all found in the space and subtlety of distilled emotion that the writing sets free and the performance then succeeds in delivering.