“Perhaps” might well be the most significantly complex word in the language that signifies as part of artistic process.  Note the might” may even out the thought.  Its honesty is that thing about remaining open, embracing the risk and demands of the impulse itself however it chooses to unfold.  

Former Jan Garbarek pianist Bobo Stenson together with bassist Anders Jormin, ah their Charles Lloyd and Tomasz Stańko days for a spark that meant ignition, and long installed drummer Jon Fält duly initiated as mysteriously as via ectoplasm into their world who plays in the open New Cool School style that Michał Miśkiewicz also adopts, have not been heard of on record for much of the last decade. They entered a studio for this, what has turned into a listening event of a project, in Lugano last spring.   

Beyond withdrawal and more about free entrance into a hitherto private, unknowable internalised space Contra la indecisión (ECM) commands your prolonged presence because it embraces an improviser’s discipline however grounded in formal composition such an endeavour may and does entail. In other words the album plays back differently every time no matter how absurd that feeling is.  When the arco bass comes in on ‘Doubt Thou The Stars’, a travelling without any requirement to arrive is only part of the resolution, the perhaps thing edging towards a certainty. SG. Gut instinct: *****