Today’s new listening is not what you might call typical. It certainly however is striking. To be released at the end of April first impressions of Signals by Sue Rynhart, a folky whispery multi-tracked avant mix, is for sure an epic case of expect the unexpected.
On the album, on which the vocalist also chooses to make ample use of recorders, lyre, and mbira, there’s also room for the double bass of Dan Bodwell the lute (not often a word very often typed out one stubby finger at a time in this tiny corner of cyberspace) and not forgetting the “medieval” drum of Francesco Turrisi.
Rynhart’s website glosses a snapshot of their approach by dwelling on the project’s “unique” instrumentation, artistic evolution and the unusual timbres of the overall sound noting a debt to both classical and jazz traditions. Cock an ear, above, to album track ‘The Tree’ for starters.